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Dear Customers,

The continuous development of science and technology has upgraded the material life and our spirit to new level. Laws of supply and demand of goods is more and more strict conditions. Accordingly, manufacturing nutritional for animals is extremely important because it gives the nutritional value of the daily food for humans. Follow trend to bring fresh food to humans, HEROVET Co.,LTD is researching and developing biological products to bring high value to modern life.

From 2014, GMP standard has force applied in the veterinary manufacturing. Hope while not far away, we have mandatory standard for animal nutrition industry to get a standard, technical barriers to make the nutritional products of high quality. We knowledge that, in the beginning build, HEROVET Co.,LTD were invested the lab, machines and equipments as well as packaging products according to international standards and regulations of Viet Nam to response the conditions of production in the future. Warehousing systems and material preservation is the most stringent and convenient to maintain the best nature, the use of materials and finished products.

Besides investing in production, HEROVET is looking for suppliers in advanced countries which have high-quality veterinary medicinal products, bioproducts, vaccines importers and distributive in Viet Nam to response increasingly diverse needs of farmers and control diseases in animals.

With slogan The best care for youHEROVET not only brings good health for animals, weight gain but also gives the best care for business partners in profit and sales. A slogan carries a professional intellectual professional stature to serve to our customers the most satisfied. HEROVET will be best efforts to respond to the trust of all our customers and farmers during integration.

We would like to wish health and success customers!

Leader of the company


Ph.D Cao Minh Man